are you ready for Hold-All?

Designed for the modern traveler. Secure, light, and strong.

Inspired by Travelers

Designed to overcome everyday's travel

Premium Quality

Crafted using the highest-grade materials.

Direct to consumer

We manufacture and sell directly to consumer. Giving you high quality for the dollar.

Innovative Solutions

Intelligent design, made to last

Getting Hold-All means getting more out of every trip to come. That’s the idea, and the mission, behind everything we do.

Lightweight, Expandability

The Himiko Collection has fashion in mind for that trend setter. Made with 100% strong polycarbonate with an emboss twill design and curvy rounded edges.  Light weight with hidden expandability (20”), ideal to take anytime any place.

Sleek, Secure, Reliable.

Thalia Collection is meant for those who are looking for a steed for their every travel needs. Made with pure polycarbonate and aluminium frame, it is a luggage that promises to last while making a statement that you mean business.

Best of both worlds

The Aeneas Hybrid gives you the flexibility and pockets of a soft case and the strength of Polycarbonate hard case. Whether it be on the go or a veteran traveler, The Hybrid is the perfect model for anyone. It’s Omni-opening allows you to open every direction you desire. Be for quick access to your equipments or taking your time to pack

Lightweight, Versatile, Easy Packing

The Bjorn Collection is a must for people that needs capacity. Made with 100% strong polycarbonate material.  It’s Omni-Front -Opening allows opening in every direction one desires. Allowing access to pack in full maximum capacity for a holiday from bottom to top, without losing volume (hassle of luggage splitting in centre and losing volume).  

Made for durability

The Orion Collection is designed for everyday travel. Made with 100% strong ABS material, to withstand any type of weather, under freezing cold or hot sunny days. 

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